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2008-01-18 06:59:11 by hypermatrix000

OK, I admit I'm the F.N.G.

Today I came up with some tunes so I made the very first music in my life.
This is the first time I realize the joy of composing.

Thank you MaestroRage, thanks for your kind encouragement. I must say I'm inspired by your music and your PM. Without you, I might not start to produce anything.

I'm currently 14, majored in Computer Science and Year 0 student of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In the vacation I spend a lot of time on music. I play piano since I was 5 yrs old, but I quitted for 3 yrs when rushing through the studies in high school.

I'm looking for friendship so feel free to send me PM.
And I look forward to your comments! :D


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